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Molds have the ability to produce several by products that can cause you and your family illness and at the least give you allergic reactions. In the case of mold, DONT WAIT! Call the professionals at CONCO as soon as possible to repair mold damage. We serve Apple Valley, CA and the surrounding High Desert.

are Chemicals that are produced during fungal metabolism as a waste by-product are known as Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (mVOCs). These are the chemicals that are released causing the smells that are present in homes and commercial buildings with active or past fungal growth. These chemicals are considered to be irritants and result in symptoms such as burning eyes, scratchy throat, skin rashes and headaches. The presence of mVOCs can be an indicator for unacceptable indoor air quality because it indicates active microbial growth.

The most common molds associated with mVOC production are called Penicillium, Apergillus, Fusarium and Alternaria. There are other conditions in a building that can contribute to musty odors other than molds such as bacteria, re-activated pet urine, off-gassing from wet building materials and contents.

It's important to get to the root of the problem that originally caused the mold to start. Some common causes of mold in buildings are: roof leaks, indoor plumbing leaks, outdoor drainage problems, damp crawl spaces, steam from bathroom or kitchen, condensation, humidifiers, improperly installed clothes dryer, poor ventilation, and flooding. At CONCO we have a 30 year construction background and we not only repair the damage caused by mold, but also the source of the problem.

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