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CONCO Fire and Water Restoration services are your answer to repairing your residential or commercial property from the damaging effects of fire, smoke and its odors. CONCO has over 30 years of experience in Apple Valley and surrounding areas to back up their services.

Beides the visible damage that fire leaves, odor can be extremely hard to eliminate. The professionals at CONCO Restoration apply the following methods to deodorize your fire damaged property:

DIGESTION: The use of an enzyme to break down various types of organic matter. There are several forms of enzymes depending on the type of material to be digested and as we'l see these require special knowledge for proper use.

OXIDATION: Agents which add oxygen to a substance are used very effectively to breakdown odors that result from organic matter. The use of a gas or various liquids to add an oxygen molecule to the odor source either to complete it's combustion (smoke), oxidize ot or kill it by acting as a disinfectant. Example would be chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide, ozone gas, and the negative ion process.

COUNTERACTION/MODIFICATION: We can disguise a malodor with a stronger more pleasant odor - “masking”. We can combine the odor with it as in - “pairing”. A pairing agent combines and changes a malodorous substance to create a new odorless compound. Most deodorants use at least a combination of these two. In some cases we can modify the odor source chemically - “neutralizing” so it is no longer perceived by our noses using proprietary formulas like Febreeze.

DISINFECTANTS/SANITIZERS: IF the source of the odor is a living microorganism (microbial) we can kill it using various types of sanitizers, disinfectants (biocides) or anti-microbials. A critical consideration when using disinfectants is to always follow label instructions.

FILTERING: The use of an absorbent or adsorbent material to capture the odor molecules. Some newer filtration media may use nano particles like silver to act as anti-microbials to sanitize the air that passes through them.

COMBINATIONS: Obviously we can combine the various treatments in a proper sequence to overcome even the most stubborn odors. Often the best system for intense odor removal in structures involves a combination of techniques. If you only rely on one system, the result may be ineffective odor control.


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